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As a ‘Full-Service Partner’ for dismantling of wind turbines or complete wind farms, we offer you an ‘All-In-Service’ in particular:

Wind Turbine Recycling gpr recycling

1. Dismantling & Disposal​

Cost-effective dismantling of wind turbines - Preparation for re-sale or recycling - Assessment and repairs to access ways and crane pads - Deployment of dismantling team - Ordering and supply of cranes, vehicles and power tools

Wind Turbine Recycling

2. Foundation Removal

Demolition and separation of steel, cement and other materials - Sach- and professional disposal / recycling - Special service to remove foundation drums or foundation rings for reuse as desired

tower on trailer

3. Dismantling & Demolition Permits

Application and fulfillment of all official requirements - Organization and ordering of trucks and low loaders for transport - Procurement of all domestic and foreign special permits for speacial transport with extra length and / or escort support

Wind Turbine auf LKW's

4. Collection & Transportation​

Just-in-time with disassembly to avoid further storage times and further crane operations - Procurement of all necessary special permits for special transports

Wind Turbine Recycling

5. Recycling​

Appropriate and proper disposal with the corresponding certificates for each individual part of the wind turbine - Issuing of all certificates necessary for GPR Recycling


6. Regeneration​

Dismantling the ways / crane place to restore the original condition - Removal of gravel, bitumen, cement - Procurement and application of fresh topsoil


As a full-service partner for the dismantling of your project, we offer you all of the following services

Service List
Receipt of the demolition license
Report on the market master data register
Consideration and compliance with all obligations under the user agreement
Control and, if necessary, restoration of existing ways and existing crane site
Dismantling of wind turbines
Ordering of transport vehicles of all sizes
Procurement of all necessary special permits for special transport escort escorts of security vehicles and police inland and abroad
Routes Analyzes for transport to the destination
Preparation and timely removal or removal of stationary objects and obstacles on transport routes with difficult road course and required approvals
Local authorities and subsequent dismantling of temporarily removed objects (street signs, traffic lights, barriers, walls, landscape decorations, bushes, hedges, etc.)
Sale of wind turbines, possibly even parts thereofhe market master data register
Recycling of the wind turbine, possibly only parts of it
Professional disposal of the foundation in compliance with public law and private law agreements
Filling the old foundation with new soil and topsoil
Dismantling and proper disposal of the crane site
Excavation, removal and disposal of access roads and other lane ways
Excavation and disposal of all underground cabling
Dismantling and disposal of transformer kiosks and transformer stations
Demolition and disposal of foundations
Obtaining approvals for dismantling from the authorities and / or landowners

Each and every project is different and requires individual project planning, ideas and conceptual strategies. Ask us for advice – We would love to help you.

Rewards From Recycling

Investing in our environmentally friendly wind turbine dismantling and certified recycling services means saving time saving at reduced costs

shredded GPR
Recycled GFK
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